We are full and busting at the seams.  The waiting list has been discontinued, thank you.  A number of parents have offered to volunteer to help.  The help will definitely be needed.

We are a recreational soccer program, . . . fun and non-competitive.  All games are played at school #46.  Boys & Girls, ages 3-6 years, Starts May 20, ends July 22, a bargain at only $20, Early bird registration is $15, before April 21. 

Sneakers are fine, cleats are not required, at these young ages, kids grow out of shoes every year.  BUT, shin guards should be used.  I bring about 15 pairs with me, but not enough for everyone.  I haven’t checked around at the stores, but they shouldn’t cost more than $10.  I bring 20 or more soccer balls with me to each soccer session.  You can bring your own (SIZE 3 is used), but at this age, the children are quite possessive and might not like any other child kicking their ball.

The club has partnered with The City of Rochester Department of Education and is run by volunteers. The soccer sessions will be held outdoors, at school #46, near the playground and parking lot area (corner of Newcastle and Dorchester roads, inside area bordered by Blossom/Browncroft/590 expressway) on Monday and Friday nights, starting at 6:00 pm.

We follow a highly modified version of the ‘Micro Soccer’ rules that do not emphasize ‘winning over loosing’, but rather helps each player to develop the physical motor skills necessary to participate in a sport. We play a 3 verses 3 format (we play without goalies). This is a ‘participation club’, so parental involvement is highly encouraged and expected. I need your help to make this program enjoyable and a success for the children. Volunteer opportunities are available at every soccer session; whether it be coaching a small group of players, showing them a few practice routines, or helping to run a game.